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Labels, stickers, barcodes, seals…

Our experience stems from meeting the demands of the electronics industry. We
have served customers like ABB for more than 40 years. Today our labels are needed also in other fields of industry, commerce, logistics and the public sector.

Digital printed labels is our fastest growing business area. With this latest label printing technology we can offer clear advantages to our customers. It makes labels even more flexible and economic as a marking solution.

Being a reliable label supplier is one thing
we keep receiving recognition for.

Thanks to our ERP system your label order will go from confirmation to production to delivery as one seamless process. So, if you are running out of labels, you probably just forgot to order – or you are not yet a customer of Karico!

Personal service and flexibility are both part of our team spirit. Behind every system there has to be a person with whom you can negotiate and settle matters. A person who takes care of your labeling project from start to finish.

It’s easy to work with professionals!

Quality and Environment

Our Certified Management System covers all fundamental processes with its quality assurance procedures. We are also constantly working on product development projects involving suppliers, customers and even our competitors. All this results in products and services which either fulfill or, in many cases, exceed your expectations.

The commitment of our staff and their well-being are essential for us. Quality performance comes from motivated people with safe and comfortable working conditions. Our joy of work and enthusiasm will most certainly reflect on how we take care of you as our customer.

We minimize the environmental effects of all our processes. We favour environmentally friendly alternatives in our production, packaging and office. We also advise our customers on selecting ecologically safe materials for their labels.

Our Operating Policy is available upon request.


A satisfied customer is a permanent customer. Many of our long-term partnerships are measured in double figures. See the customer survey report to read more about our customer satisfaction. We’ll be happy to tell you more about the companies and the communities we have helped with their labeling issues. Feel free to contact us!


We can always choose the best possible technique for each label job. We master several printing methods and some of our equipment are unique in Finland. In many cases it requires some creative combining of various printing techniques to meet our customers’ demands.

All the prepress data processing takes place in-house. This makes label designing easy and fast for everyone involved.

Digital printing offers stylish full colour labels with no printing plate costs. This makes it ideal for shorter runs, versioning and promotions.

Hot-foil printing generates sharp and stylish results on a wide variety of materials. With this method we can also print metallic colours.

Thermal transfer printing is used for labels with variable information. Barcodes and other printed labels can be overlaminated in the same run.

UV flexographic inks have excellent constancy. The background and the rest of the printing can be matched precisely to your colour requirements.

Rotary printing/die-cutting is an efficient method for larger volumes. Due to the high running speed the unit prices are very reasonable.

Flatbed printing/die-cutting is best suited for low-volume applications. The tooling costs are reasonable and the delivery time is short.

Overlaminating or varnishing the label makes it significantly more durable. In addition, it gives your label an elegant and distinguished look.

Our finishing department ensures that your rolls will be the ideal size. By using the maximum roll size in your device you don’t have worry about changing the roll too often. We can also cut your labels into sheets.


We will assist you to select the right materials for your specific needs. Thanks to our extensive stock we can come and help you at short notice – even when it comes to special materials.


  • Economical polypropylene (PP) and flexible polyethylene (PE)
  • Durable polyester (PET), also metallized for rating plates
  • High-temperature label films
  • UL recognised and RoHS compliant materials
  • Highly conformable cast vinyl
  • Paper labels, also thermals, metallized and special coatings

Inks and Adhesives

  • Durable UV inks and varnishes
  • Metallic colours
  • Holographic patterns and effects
  • Thermal transfer ribbons
  • Permanent adhesives for general purpose labels
  • Removable adhesives for short-term markings
  • Extra thick adhesive layers
  • Adhesives for extreme temperatures and moist surfaces

Special Materials and Overlaminating Films

  • Multilayer labels (‘piggyback’)
  • Opaque materials
  • Destructible and VOID security films (tamper evident)
  • VHB Tapes for bonding
  • Double-sided assembling tapes
  • Insulation films (Mylar)
  • Bumpon for cushioning and skid-resistant products
  • Static protection films
  • Textile labels and badges
  • Non-adhesive films for tags and inserts
  • Ultra Clear PET overlaminates
  • Writable matt clear PET
  • Polycarbonate overlaminates for harsh environments (PC)

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