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Helpful questions:


  • Function of the label?
  • Where will it be applied to?


  • What will be printed on the label?
  • Number of colors needed?

Size and shape

  • Dimensions of the label?
  • Rectangle/circle/oval/special shape?
  • Rewind direction?


  • Suitable order quantity?
  • Estimated annual demand?


  • What material is the surface?
  • Straight/curved, smooth/uneven?


  • Exposion to abrasion/solvents/UV light?
  • Service temperature range?

Special qualities

  • Use for security or sealing purposes?
  • Variable information?
  • Multi-layer label?
  • Anything else worth noting?

Prepress material

  • Any sketches or drawings available?
  • Please attach the files!

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