• Security labels and seals to protect you

KCO Security Labels


VOID security material is an excellent solution for sealing appliances and packages. Removing the label reveals a ‘VOID’ text and the label cannot be re-applied without showing the message. These tamper-evident labels give you protection e.g. against fraudulent warranty claims or attempts to return already opened sales packages.


Destructible security labels either fracture easily or disintegrate into layers upon removal. This effectively prevents subsequent re-application. Destructible labels are widely used for security marking, product sealing, asset tracking and other permanent labeling.


Holographic effects can significantly reduce forgery and product counterfeiting. Holographic printing is generally used for security labels but it is also an elegant eye-catcher and an effective way to enhance the visual qualities of the product.


Security printing can be done with special inks which cannot be seen with the naked eye. For example, there can be elements in the label which are visible only in UV light.