• Warning labels and shipping labels

KCO Warning and Shipping


Chemical warning labels and electrotechnical warning labels are both under strict quality requirements. This is why we have chosen durable, synthetic label materials for our warning labels. Thanks to their strong adhesive they are suitable for various substrates and applications. The ultimate durability and protection is achieved with overlaminated options.


Electrotechnical warning labels as well as chemical warning labels are part of our stock range. If the standard designs are not suitable for your application we’ll be happy to print you customized warning labels to meet any specific needs. All the labels we supply to the electronics and electrical industry are manufactured in compliance with the EU’s RoHS Directive. We also print UL approved warning labels.


Shipping label is a practical way to tell how to handle the goods correctly. We have a selection of standard warning labels for shipments, however, we can easily print you warning labels with your own design. We also supply you stylish address labels, pre-printed packaging labels and durable pallet labels.