• Label expertise in various industries!

Solid experience in the label business

In the course of more than 40 years in label printing business we have made ourselves familiar with various industries and their label needs. We know the environments and processes and what their requirements for the labels are. We master the directives, regulations and approvals. It’s easy for you to work with pros.


Electric Equipment and Machinery

We have been supplying labels and rating plates for the electro technical industries from the very beginning of our history. These demanding business sector has set the high standards for our total performance. Quality products, on-time-deliveries and excellent service are appreciated by all our customers, both domestic and international.

We know the marking regulations and the label requirements regarding electric equipment and machinery, as well as RoHS and Reach. We are also able to supply you UL approved labels. Furthermore, we are familiar with tight delivery schedules and this is why we always have a wide range of materials in stock.


Foodstuff, Beverage and Natural Products

Digital printing offers benefits for both small businesses and high volume producers. There are no printing plates required which will save your time and money. It’s easy to make seasonal or language versions, and labels are quite affordable even in small quantities. The lead-time is very competitive, too. Our multi-layer labels enable e.g. printing hidden lottery numbers or just increasing the amount of information.

We guarantee you will not run out of labels, the rolls work trouble-free in your label applicator and that the barcodes read impeccably. We always pay special attention to the print quality to make your labels stylish and distinguished in appearance. Cost-effective, well-functioning and elegant labels, that’s the winning concept we can offer you.


Cosmetics, Detergents and Chemicals

Labels for cosmetics need have top quality print as they play a key role in creating the quality image of the product itself. We often use special materials and inks to make the labels exclusive and more eye catching. You can choose from ‘No Label Look’, metallic hot-foil printing, holographic effects and many more options to give your label a glamorous appearance.

Chemical substances set their own special requirements for labels. Our UV inks have excellent chemical resistance, however, for use in extreme conditions we can also overlaminate the labels. We always use durable materials and adhesives for critical safety information labels. We make sure we know all the latest regulations and also guide our customers on marking issues.


Trade and Logistics

Our expertise in barcode labels has brought us together with numerous players in the fields of retail business, wholesale and imports. We are also experienced in providing label solutions for logistics and warehousing applications. You will surely find our professionals easy to work with.

Our printing service is the easy way to get your barcode labels, product content labels and shipping labels, fast and promptly. Again, if you print your labels yourself we will supply you the blank labels reliably on time. Instead of worrying about your label issues you can concentrate on operations more important to your business.


Public Sector

In addition to various businesses we also serve a large number of organizations within Public Sector. In our clientele there are great many municipal and civil service units representing health care, transportation, culture, defence, education and research. We have also helped numerous associations, societies and unions in their label cases.

We know the costs are essential but so is the service. Our customers don’t have to be label experts themselves, we are here to assist you. We will find the right label materials for laboratory conditions, we know the barcodes in library applications, we print the validity stickers for identity cards, we seal the cases securely, we solve the label problems – together with you.