• Rating plate labels easy to apply

KCO Rating Plates


Self-adhesive rating plate labels are typically made of polyester films coated with strong adhesives as they resist tough handling and high temperatures. For really harsh environments (abrasion, solvents), we always recommend overlaminated labels. The shape of the label can be customized to fit your equipment exactly.


Being an UL Authorized Label Supplier allows us to print UL certification marks on your labels. In addition, we supply UL approved label systems. This means the overall performance of the label (printing, adhesive, durability etc.) is tested against UL requirements. Our rating plate labels also comply with the EU’s RoHS Directive.


Preprinted rating plate labels are the right solution when the variable information (serial numbers, date of manufacture, inspection markings) is not available beforehand. This information can be added on the labels later-on either by thermal transfer printing or by hand.