• Printing service will solve your label issues

KCO Printing Service


By Outsourcing your printing, you save time, effort and money. You don’t have to invest in equipment and software of your own or learn how to operate them, nor you have to familiarize yourself with the materials. Karico will serve you as your ‘printing department’ and you can concentrate on your own business.


Flexibility is the key word in our printing service. You can just roughly sketch the label, even a Word document will do. We will process it to a draft version for your approval before we start printing. This service is suitable for e.g. informative labels, bar codes and package markings.


Databases can be used to print labels with variable information. There can be several varying elements on a single label, for instance, price tags typically include the name, code, size, colour and the price of the product. You can simply send us the data as a text file or an Excel chart.