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KCO Films and Tapes


Double-sided transfer tape is a popular choice for attaching and bonding applications. The tape can be used for fastening components at the assembly phase but it is also suitable for many long-term attachments. We can die cut the transfer tapes into different sizes and shapes and supply either in roll or sheet format. You can find numerous adhesive options in 3M’s product range.


VHB Tapes bond extremely tight to a wide variety of materials. They have excellent solvent and moisture resistance which makes them ideal also for insulation applications. Acrylic foam and polyurethane materials are widely used for cushioning. Anti-skid products are typically made of Bumpon. We are able to die cut also thicker and more challenging materials.


Non-adhesive films such as Mylar are used for insulation in electric appliances and equipment. These non-conductive films can be die cut into special shapes. In our range there are also static films which apply to smooth surfaces without any adhesive. Static films are generally used for protecting screens and scratch-sensitive parts, moreover, they are ideal for short-term point of sale campaigns.